Letter of congratulations to Socialist Party of Malaysia

Comrade S. Arutchelvan
Secretary General
Socialist Party of Malaysia (PSM)

Dear PSM Comrades

On behalf of the Democratic Socialist Perspective in Australia, I extend the warmest congratulations for your successful election campaign which culminated with the PSM winning two seats on March 8. This is a great victory for the PSM but also a great victory for socialists all around the world.

The election victories by Comrade Kumar in Sungai Siput and Comrade Nasir in Kota Damansara were wonderful but the near win by Comrade Arul in Semenyih (10,448 to the winning ruling party candidate's 11,588) was also fantastic. These votes are a powerful testimony to the brave and consistent political work of the PSM with the poorest sections of the working class in Malaysia.

Socialists all around the world have a lot to learn from the PSM's fine example.

We can learn from your comrades' patient and unstinting work done with the masses especially the plantation workers, the urban poor, industrial workers and peasants. We can learn from your conduct of these work through the various sectoral organisations which have drawn in thousands of the oppressed into political struggle at various levels.

I was privileged to see firsthand your comrades' brave leadership during the nationwide protests for a minimum wage in August 2007. I also witnessed the deep respect for the PSM from the plantation workers of Sungai Siput and from the urban poor squatters in the outskirts of Ipoh.

Socialists around the world can learn from your ongoing struggle to have the PSM legally recognised. Malaysia's still ruling Barisan Nasional continues to refuse the PSM's application to register as a political party and claims that the PSM is a threat to national security. While fighting this anti-democratic decision in the courts the PSM has continued its activities in a bold and open way, leading street demonstrations, pickets and land occupations - with comrades often hauled off to jail for the simple exercise of the political right to protest.

On the basis that the right to form a political party is a constitutional right, the PSM became the first party in Malaysia’s history to take the ruling party and the Home Minister to court for abusing their power.

PSM's first MP Comrade Kumar on the campaign trailSocialists around the world can learn from the PSM's open championing of the revolutionary socialist ideas of Marxism in the face of entrenched "anti-communist" laws and prejudices in Malaysia. But we can also learn from your non-sectarian, principled and politically independent participation in various broader alliances.

With its recent electoral victories, the PSM has declared that it will use the parliamentary arena as a new terrain for the struggle for the rights of the oppressed - plantation and industrial workers, the poor, single mothers, the aborigines and progressive student movements. We look forward to learning from your experience in this new arena of struggle and your comrades in the DSP pledge our continuing revolutionary solidarity for your struggle.

Workers of the world unite!

Yours in solidarity

Peter Boyle
DSP National Secretary

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