World at a Crossroads international socialism conference a success

More photos of the conference taken by Alex Bainbridge can be viewed here.

Several participants at the World at a Crossroads conference*, held in Sydney on April 10-12, remarked that the conference could not have been better named. As the world economy lurches into a deep recession, and the looming climate emergency reaches a crisis point, the world truly is at a crossroads. The future will be decided in the conflict between the greedy capitalist elites and those around the world fighting for a far better world — a world free of racism, war and environmental plunder.

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Socalists from around the world to meet in Sydney

Hundreds of progressive activists and socialists from around the globe will descend on Sydney over Easter, for this year’s most important discussion on capitalism’s crises and the socialist solutions.

From the revolutions in Latin America, to resisting imperialism and war in Pakistan and Palestine, to confronting the ecological crisis in North America and India, representatives from more than a dozen countries will give a strong international flavour to discussions on topics vital to the future of humanity.
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A busy start to 2009 for socialists

DSP members had a very busy start to 2009.

Gaza solidarity

Even while most Australians were on their Xmas-New Year holidays, our comrades were scrambled to help build a mass response to the latest Israeli assault on Gaza. We helped organise mass protests all around the country, including one of the early biggest protests in the Western world, the 5,000-strong protest in Sydney on December 29. A second round of demonstrations drew 10,000 in Sydney, 8,000 in Melbourne.

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Stand up for the people of Gaza

Israel’s killing must stop! End ties with the racist Israeli state!

The Socialist Alliance condemns the Israeli massacre in the Gaza strip, which has left at least 400 people dead and 2000 more injured. We call on the Rudd government to also condemn this slaughter and to break Australian economic, diplomatic, military and cultural ties with the Israeli apartheid state.

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6th National Conference strengthens Socialist Alliance for challenges ahead

By Duroyan Fertl and Dick Nichols

Over the weekend of 5-7 December, more than 150 people attended the Sixth Socialist Alliance national conference, held in the Geelong Trades Hall. The conference opened against the backdrop of the Alliance’s promising results in the November 29 Victorian local government elections, in which its candidates scored up to 18.9%.

The conference began with a special public seminar, "Financial meltdown: what working class response?", addressed by David Spratt, from Carbon Equity and co-author of Climate Code Red, economist and Victorian National Tertiary Education Union president Jamie Doughney and Pip Hinman, from the Socialist Alliance.

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Successful international conference on socialism held in Malaysia

Conference opening rallyThe DSP sent a delegation of three comrades to an international conference on socialism on November 7-9 hosted by the Socialist Party Malaysia (PSM) in Kuala Lumpur.The conference attracted socialists from different political tendencies and several countries. The DSP delegation comprised DSP Assistant National Secretary Lisa Macdonald, Links editor Terry Townsend and Merrilyn Treasure. Below is a report by Choo Chon Kai of the International Bureau of the PSM.

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Rudd's $10.4 billion bonus for big business

By Peter Boyle

“This strategy is designed to help pensioners, carers and families, and first home buyers”, declared Australia’s Labor Prime Minister Kevin Rudd in his October 14 address to the nation. Rudd was announcing a $10.4 billion “economic security strategy” in response to the global financial crisis.

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Financial crisis: working people forced to pay to save capitalism

By Dick Nichols

“Will my superannuation fund be next?” “Are my savings safe?” As working people in the developed economies watch the assets of one financial institution after another vaporise into nothingness, tens of millions are asking these dreadful questions.

  • For more reading on the capitalist crisis see Links

Yesterday’s AAA assets are now junk and yesterday’s “risk-free” investments are losing money. No-one, not even the world’s central bankers, who are spending sleepless nights arranging rescue bailouts and emergency injections of trillions of dollars into a financial system frozen with fear and distrust, can answer them with 100% certainty.

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Support the hurricane relief fundraising campaign for Cuba

Dear friends

Preliminary estimates by Cuba and the United Nations indicate that hurricanes Gustav and Ike did $5 billion worth of damage to Cuba’s economy. This colossal cost for the tiny socialist nation is compounded by the United States government’s criminal economic blockade.

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Letter to Colombian president protesting the arrest of Liliany Obando

August 21, 2008

President Alvaro Uribe Velez
Vice-president Dr Francisco Santos Calderon

Dear Srs President and Vice-President,

The Democratic Socialist Perspective (DSP) in Australia is writing to protest in the strongest possible terms the arrest and detention on August 8 of workers’ and human rights advocate Liliany Obando.

The DSP has met with Liliany Obando during two of her visits to Australia on behalf of trade union federations and human rights organisations in Colombia. We have heard detailed reports from her about the situation of Colombia’s people and the peaceful solutions she always advocated.

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