Proud to be Cuba's friend

ACT Liberal Senator Gary Humphries’ attack on friends of Cuba in a Senate adjournment speech on October 10 is an ominous reversion to McCarthy-era red-baiting and intimidation”, warned Peter Boyle, the National Secretary of the Democratic Socialist Perspective, one of the groups accused by Senator Humphries of being "Castro's cheer squad in Australia".

“The DSP is proud of its support for the Cuban Revolution.

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Hugo Chavez: Hero of the poor slams Bush

Venezuela’s socialist President Hugo Chavez once again sent waves of shock through the US elite, and the corporate media, by using his speech before the United Nations General Assembly on September 20 not for diplomatic niceties but to expose the reality of US imperialism’s domination of the world and to call for a global struggle to end it.

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Latin America Solidarity Conference

The rising tide of enthusiasm for Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution is reaching Australia. This was seen at the Fourth National Latin American Solidarity Conference held in Sydney on September 29, the biggest such solidarity gathering in over a decade.

Convened by the Australia-Venezuela Solidarity Network (AVSN) and the Australia-Cuba Friendship Society (ACFS), and hosted by the Research Initiative on International Activism at Sydney’s University of Technology, the conference attracted 250 people to discuss “The Empire’s Weakest Link: Venezuela, Cuba and the Rebellion in the Americas”.

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'We stand for socialism, a society that is run by and for the working-class majority' - Socialist Alliance candidate

Margarita Windish at anti-war rally July 2006"We stand for socialism, a society that is run by and for the vast working-class majority, a society in which the needs of the mass of people come first, not the greed of a handful of mega-millionaires", explains Margarita Windisch, Socialist Alliance candidate in the November 25 Victorian elections.

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'Our struggle for the oppressed majority continues' - Sam Watson, Socialist Alliance

Sam Watson

Socialist Alliance candidate Sam Watson scored 1.9% of the vote in Brisbane Central but the real successes were what we achieved on the ground, raising issues that the other parties ignore - from Aboriginal stolen wages to Black deaths in custody to homelessness and the prioritisation of corporate handouts over public health.

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In memory of Comrade John Cummins

John CumminsComrade John Cummins made a big difference in working class politics in Australia. While many thousands from his generation were radicalised around a socialist vision for the working class movement, few persisted with the struggle as Comrade Cummins did, and even fewer persisted with such effectiveness.
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New DSP site - still under development

This is the new website of the Democratic Socialist Perspective of Australia. It is still under development but please explore the site. Suggestions for improvement are welcome. Please send them to:
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Links #29 out now

Cuba’s revolution and the new generation

  • Cuba seeks revolutionary renewal
  • Debate: ‘saving the revolution’


  • Imperialism & resistance in Iraq
  • ‘Democracy promotion’ in the Middle East
  • Pramoedya Ananta Toer
  • Resistance to capitalist restoration in China
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Reports from the 2006 congress of the DSP

After a vigorous debate, delegates to the Democratic Socialist Perspective’s 22nd Congress on January 5-8 reaffirmed the DSP's commitment to building the Socialist Alliance as a new party project. (Read the Green Left Weekly article on the congress here.) The following reports were delivered to the congress:

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