January 2009 NC: DSP perspectives towards the Socialist Alliance in 2009

By Dick Nichols

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January 2009 NC: DSP’s youth work and building Resistance

By Mel Barnes

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January 2009 NC: Building the Democratic Socialist Perspective

By Will Williams

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January 2009 NC: Australian politics and campaigns report

By Margarita Windisch

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January 2009 NC: Capitalist crises and mass resistance

By Stuart Munckton
                                                                                                                                                                                 [The following report and summary by Stuart Munckton on behalf of the DSP National Executive was adopted unanimously by the DSP National Committee at its January 10-11, 2009 meeting]

There can be little doubt that 2008 was a year for the history books. While many took heart at the result of the US elections, the most decisive points about 2008 are the unprecedented combination of crises facing the world. Never before has such a combination struck the world, and any doubts about the dead-end nature of capitalism as a social system should have been dispelled.

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DSP NE report: The Bolivarian revolution and the struggle for ‘socialism of the 21st century’

By Stuart Munckton

[The following article on developments in the Bolivarian revolution is based on a report given by Stuart Munckton to the September 8 2008 National Executive. The general line was adopted unanimously.]

Marxist academic Michael Lebowitz, in his June 5 presentation to a Canadian audience, titled “A spectre is haunting capitalism: It is the spectre of Socialism of the 21st century” (posted at <<>>), commented that, “Increasingly, the characteristics of this spectre are becoming clear, and we are able to see enough to understand what it is not. The only thing that is not clear at this point is whether the spectre is real – i.e., whether it is actually an earthly presence.”

DSP National Executive statement on LPF split

The Democratic Socialist Perspective (DSP) in Australia has suffered a destructive split organised by the Leninist Party Faction (LPF), a minority whose perspective of retreating from left regroupment and engagement with broader forces in struggle had been decisively rejected by large majorities at the last two DSP congresses.

From the May 2005 NC, it was clear that there were different assessments about the value of Socialist Alliance within the leadership of the DSP. But this is a difference that we could have easily and constructively dealt with within a united DSP if the minority leadership had kept a sense of proportion and responsibility about their differences. Instead, they chose to factionalise the DSP and develop new theoretical differences, including labeling the democratically adopted course of the DSP as “liquidating” its revolutionary socialist politics.

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Change the System, not the Climate

The following three articles are drawn from the Resistance Books pamphlet Change the System, not the climate! It is available from <> for $5.50 plus p/h. The first two article were presented to the Democratic Socialist Perspective's January 2007 Socialist Summer School.

Two of the authors, John Belamy Foster and Dave Holmes will be speaking at the Climate Change/Social Change conference in Sydney, April 11-13. Visit <> for more information

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Greetings to delegates at the PSUV founding congress

Dear comrades,

We in the Democratic Socialist Perspective (DSP) — a Marxist organisation in Australia — wish to offer our greetings and revolutionary solidarity to the delegates at the founding congress of the provisionally-named United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV).

We have been following with enthusiasm the struggle of the oppressed in Venezuela, led by the government of President Hugo Chavez. Our respect and admiration for the gains won, in the face of opposition from the greatest superpower in history, is immense.
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Perspectives resolution of 23rd Congress of DSP

The following resolution was adopted with the support of 80% of delegates at the 23rd Congress on the Democratic Socialist Perspective on January 4, 2008. Regular delegates: 46 for; 12 against; no abstentions. Consultative delegates: 34 for; 8 against; no abstentions.

1. As the reputation of the Venezuelan Revolution, the first socialist revolution of the 21st century, has spread around the world, socialist ideas are once again commanding the attention of millions. Challenging retreatism, sectarianism and dogmatism in the left, this new advance will create new openings for international socialist renewal and regroupment.

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